Saturday, July 25, 2009

How long does it take for a permanent tooth to come in after a baby tooth is pulled?

It varies...sometimes it is coming in and forcing the baby tooth out...sometimes, it is not quite ready...and may take a little time.

Could be a few weeks.

How long does it take for a permanent tooth to come in after a baby tooth is pulled?
It depends on if it your 18 year molar, which is the back tooth or your 16 year molar.It depends where it is. is it a wisdom tooth
Reply:Depends...if it wasnt meant to fall. and it was pulled before it got too loose...then it might take a while

but if it was loose and fell pretty much on its own then it should take like a month (:

butt dont wry if it doenst come for a teeth use to take sooo long to grow in
Reply:sometimes the tooth is prematuraly pulled out. such as when a child falls and forces the tooth to come out from the impact. then it might take a while. im a pre-k teacher and this happened to one of my students last year and I saw them in kindergarden this year and the tooth has yet to come through. but if the tooth was loose because of the adult tooth coming through then the time frame of it fully showing is shorter. It all depends but 99 % of the time a tooth will eventually come through, just be patient!
Reply:It depends on the age of the child. My daughter had to have a baby tooth pulled (root and all) when she was almost five years old because of an accident where she rammed it back up into her gums. This was an upper front tooth. She was a bit early in getting her permanent teeth so she only had a tooth missing for a year. In some children that can be as late as the age of eight or nine before the permanent tooth comes in. Another thing I'd like to mention is in some children, the dentist decides to put in a spacer for the permanent tooth when that child looses a baby tooth too soon. That's mainly intended for children who look like they will need orthodontic work at some point in the future. The dentist who worked on my daughter decided she didn't need one because it looked like her teeth would remain straight. They did.
Reply:It depends, if the baby tooth was wiggling, then the tooth would come out sooner. Since, when I was younger, my front teeth were pulled out, even though they weren't wiggling at all, so they didn't grow for around 6 months.
Reply:This is extremely variable. A lower front tooth often comes in almost immediately after losing a baby tooth. An upper front tooth can take well over a year to come in. In the back, it's usually just a couple of weeks or so before you can see the tips of the permanent tooth.
Reply:it depends. It starts from the 6th year, the lower centrals will drop out %26amp; the permanent centrals will errupt. The same year the first permanent molars will errupt. It has a sequence, till the age of 18, it will compleet.Thats the wisdom tooth.


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