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Will my teeth ever stop moving?

I had braces for just over 5 years, and I have now been braces-free for about 1 1/2 years. I have a permanent retainer cemented on the back of my bottom teeth, but I have a normal removable retainer for my top teeth.

My question is, will my teeth ever stay put if I don't wear my retainer? I wear it only at night, but if I skip a night or two I start getting a gap between my two front teeth! Will I have to wear my retainer every night for the rest of my life???

Will my teeth ever stop moving?
I has a similar situation although i only had braces for two years. I would definitely recommend wearing your retainer for awhile. I didn't because i thought the bonded retainer would take care of everything and i now regret it even though my teeth have only moved a little bit. Your teeth will eventually stop moving but if you had braces for 5 years it probably means that your teeth needed to be moved a lot and now will not just stay still without a fight. you should talk to your orthodontist if you have major concerns though. good luck!
Reply:That is quite possible, and more than likely. A lot of time it depends on what did the braces do, or where were your teeth before they were in braces. Rotated teeth are the worst. They always want to rotate back to the way they were. But teeth that have been moved through a good bit of bone can also want to move back to where they once were sort of. The best thing you can do is to wear your retainer, and keep an eye on the bottom wire and make sure it stays bonded to all of the teeth.

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Where can I have a teeth cover made?

I play clarinet, and I practice for over 2 hours per day. It used to hurt my bottom lip because my it rests on top of my teeth to play correctly. I can't play with less pressure because then the tone and tuning are terrible. Right now I'm using a tooth cushion that basically folds over my teeth, but I'm looking for something more permanent like a lip guard (but not for braces, for my tooth line).

Does anyone know where I can have one made and for how much?

Where can I have a teeth cover made?
I never heard of this, but I would start with your regular dentist..

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When can I get my 'permanent' wire retainer removed?

I have had a permanent wire retainer on the back of my lower teeth since I got my braces off. (I was 13 and I'm 21 now.) It doesn't bother me all the time but man, when something gets stuck in it, I can't stop thinking about it until I find some way to remove it. I really don't want to have this thing in my mouth for the rest of my life. I'd like to get it removed at some point. Do I need to wait until my wisdom teeth come in or could I get it removed now (while i still have my parent's insurance)?

Also, my mother and father never had their wisdom teeth come in. If I should wait for my wisdom teeth to come in, what is the maximum age they will come in?

When can I get my 'permanent' wire retainer removed?
For one, I wouldn't "wait" for your wisdom teeth to come because everyone doesn't get them or if they do, it may not provide discomfort to where you will need them pulled.

On the other hand, I can relate with you about the permanent retainer because I still have mine, as well. It doesn't really bother me but flossing can be a pain. However, I have heard horror stories on how people's teeth can shift back to their original positioning and I don't want to pay another 5,000 dollars to get braces again. So, the best advice I can give you is to talk to your orthodontics/dentist and see if taking them out will be be the best option.
Reply:When the dentist says it is safe to take off. usually when they feel your teeth are not going to move any longer.
Reply:I've had my wire retainer in for 10 years. I'm a dental assistant. its better for you to leave the retainer in. If you do have your wisdom teeth still in, sometimes they will erupt and your bottom teeth get crowded again. I would just leave it in there. And about the wisdom teeth thing.... Have your dentist take an x ray of your wisdom teeth, if you even have any. Some people don't. The older you get, the longer its going to take you to heal if you get them out. See if you have them and if you have room for them first.
Reply:I would never have it removed. Teeth do have memory and they do shift as you get older. I have one too and while it is annoying. I would rather have that instead of crooked teeth. I would at least wait until you get your wisdom teeth in and it would be a good idea to get them checked out since you still have your parents insurance. You don't have to wait for them to come out, especially if you had braces, your dentist will probably recommend you just have them taken out so your teeth don't get pushed around by them when they come in. There is no maximum age they can come in. I've seen a patient in their 70's who had their other teeth removed and then their wisdom tooth came in! Don't wait, see your dentist now and talk to them about it.
Reply:First have your dentist check your wisdom teeth. If you are like your parents they may never come in or give you any trouble. However, the average age for wisdom teeth eruption is 17-24, so it is still possible they will erupt. The reason for all of this wisdom teeth info and having the dentist check your teeth? The permanent wire retainer is doing just that, retaining your teeth and keeping them in place. When it is removed your teeth may shift some (usually not to their original place) - just something to think about. If you do decide to have your retainer removed, it is a fairly simple procedure, one completed in a short time by your dentist.
Reply:First of all guy it's a real good question, but you gotta know there are dental floss threaders which you can use to thread the floss threw your teeth,under the wire and floss. There are also floss pick that make removing food and candy easy so try this I would never have a permanent retainer removed because your teeth shift over a period of time and you would be back at point A with messed up teeth! But the wisdom teeth thing well it could be a year or two, but I am 31 and I haven't had any wisdom teeth! So good look and ask your dentist or the local drug store for a floss threader and don't forget the floss picks.
Reply:Try going to a new dentist or a cosmetic dentist and just asking them to take it out. If it bothers you and you don't want it in then there is no reason for you to keep it in.

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My teeth are so weak..?

Ok..I think that I have weak teeth. It easily breaks infact two of my permanent molar have already dental filling. One of it is more than half filling. I brushed my teeth regularly, i drink water alot, i drink milk everyday but stillmy teeth are still weak.. What can I do?

My teeth are so weak..?
Take them to a health club and to teeth push ups.
Reply:Mouth wash.Thee is a spiceal kind out there that can help with that.I had the same problame not as bad as yours but ya.Also if it makes you feel better one of my teeth were brown and soft!It looked like someone put coffe on it.Really if was like like jelly!ewww.Anyway ya mouthwase and if if stills does not work just ask your dentist at the next vist.

Hoped i helped,

Reply:Some people are just born with poor teeth. You might try switching to a enamel building toothpaste. Get a consultation with your dentist and see what she recommends. You may have a vitamin deficiency.
Reply:ASK YOUR DENTIST you probly need invisalign
Reply:You want dental advice on Yahoo Answers....?

Go to the dentist for an exam and get a real answer.
Reply:lay off the acidic things like orange juice, oo grapefruit, or anything too acidic because it eats away at the enamel on your teeth, causing them to be weak. If you must drink these things, use a straw.
Reply:i would say to see your Dentist for the most help. He/she will tell you if you have a problem with your teeth. make sure your bushing your teeth 3 times a day. Heres a link to help you more.
Reply:teeth are genetic. If a parent has weak teeth,theres a chance you will too. Both of my parents had weak teeth,lucky me,I inherited them too,plus,I grind mine! Have gone thru 3 mouth gaurds already!

Talk to your dentist,they will be able to help you,and keep doing what youre doing.

good luck!
Reply:u need to is to go to the dentist and you need to have regularly brushing ur teat ok.
Reply:In some cases weakness of teeth is inherited or results of improper diets in growing age. Now U can protect them from further decoration.
Reply:you need more calcium vitamin D, minerals

because to protect the teeth against harm

you need to check it by the dentist

you need to use a mouth wash

a better toothpaste and toothbrush also.

mumog a water with salt
Reply:I'm with the people who say SEE A DENTIST. Don't rely on anyone here for an answer.
Reply:Some people have soft enamel in their teeth. Occasional fluoride treatments have shown to be helpful, however always remember that fluoride is a poison so don't ever swallow it.

Another thing you can do is get your dentist to seal your most vulnerable teeth with a hard plastic coating. They paint this stuff on and then cure it with an ultraviolet light.

Also avoid chewing really hard and tough food - chop things up fine before eating them, brush after every meal, get dental checkups at least every 6 months, floss between the teeth at each brushing, make sure you get enough calcium and vitamin C (some people have a problem absorbing calcium - this may be your problem - calcium from coral is more easily absorbed).

Good luck!

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Help1i lost my front tooth and got a crown which is permanent.?

Now i want to know whether my teeth under crown are safe from bacterial infection or not.It has been 3 years and i don't have any problem.But i have high point teeth which does not look nice ,can i change my crown?Is this safe? Please tell me.

Help1i lost my front tooth and got a crown which is permanent.?
Go to the dentist.
Reply:Dentists can do just about anything you want nowdays, and yes, you can change your crown. Go see a dentist and he'll explain your options and can examine your tooth if you're worried about it.
Reply:Assuming the tooth was prepared correctly, you should be safe from recurrent infection. Any dentist can (and should ) regularly check the margins of crowns to be sure there isn't any decay sneaking underneath. You should be EXTRA careful flossing the crowned tooth, as your brush can't reach between the teeth where the margins are!

I don't know what "high point teeth" are. If you just don't like the look or bite on the crown, a dentist can change it, but you'll have to cough up another grand or whatever the cost is in your area.
Reply:if its not causing you problem for two years now , then it is ok but the wise thing to do is have it check each time you hve oral prophylaxis(professional cleaning) , the hygienist wil tell you or you may ask . . High point means? Its your preference, you can always ask for cosmetic treatment if you so desire . but if i wear you natural teeth always looks good , and if taken care of will serve us a lifetime.


I sometimes noticed blood while brushing teeth?

I notice blood during brushing my teeth, but there has no pain at all. I aslo feel bad oddur in my mouth,for which I embressed to talk to somebody.Some of my friends advised to go for skelling. I am afarid that is not also a permanent remady . One of my neighur had his teeth skelling done , but again reaccur. Please advise me

I sometimes noticed blood while brushing teeth?
You're brushing too hard.

As for the odor, that could be gingivitis. See your dentist.
Reply:go see your dentist. you might have infected or inflamed gums. blood isn't normal while brushing if you have healthy gums and teeth.
Reply:that's a good sign that you are still alive
Reply:You might want to consider a softer tooth brush bristles. I'd recommend massaging your gums with your tooth brush and making sure you floss daily. Also try brushing your tongue to help with any bad mouth oder and a mouth rinse is always helpful. None the less, go talk with your dentist
Reply:dont brush too hard
Reply:perfectly normal... try changing a softer toothbrush
Reply:Brushing too hard would only hurt your gums, they become swollen and infected...thus, you get bad breath....use a good toothpaste or gumpaste like Pyodontyl which helps in combating gum disease. Dont forget to visit your dentist because you may already have teeth cavities where all the odor causing bacteria thrive. Dont wait till it ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure..take care and goodluck!!!
Reply:so this happens to me as well. first i would go to the dentist. it os possible that you have the start of gengivitis. but get a softer toothbrush and make sure you are brushing correctly. I thought i was my my dentist showed me that i really wasnt. And also try to start flossing more. It would prob be best to floss at night though because of the bleeding. and about the odor...try mouth wash and brushing your tongue as well...hope this helps =)

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What should my friend know about getting permanent dentures?

My friend has been saving his $$$ for while now and is pretty excited about getting all of his teeth pulled in a favor of some permanent dentures. He's been plagued by bad teeth for years and fears opening his mouth in public, so its understandable that he's looking forward to it. I'm just wondering if anyone could share any info about the prodecure, pros, cons etc...that I could tell him about so he feels prepared.


What should my friend know about getting permanent dentures?
Implants will cost him about $4000 and, although he will not have a bottom denture that moves while eating (as most dentures do) he will have to maintain them, laboriously (removing and cleaning the spring clips etc).

For a starter your friend my well just get excellent dentures with teeth that perfectly resemble live teeth.

The best advice was given me by the staff at the Canadian Dental College which was :

Have your denturist make impressions of your EXISTING teeth, yes the ones that are coming out. This will help him replicate the exact angle, size, amount of protrusion etc etc.

Choose teeth that have the ridges and valleys that live teeth have. A top of the line set of such dentures cost about $1600 from most certified denturists but some charge up to $2500 for the same thing.

When you shop around, ask the denturist to show you some pictures of his patients who have had dentures made for them.

You do not state if you are from U.S. or Canada.

Sadly, if you are an American you can only get your dentures from a dentist, who, although he is a surgeon, is NOT as well trained in PROSTHETICS as a Denturist who spends ALL his time making false teeth. A dentist is a busy oral physician and spends most of his time with "dental care". Many do not have the time it takes to assess and fabricate dentures. Furthermore a dentist seldom if ever goes into his lab and makes the dentures. He usually just takes impressions and sends these out to a LAB which NEVER sees the patient.

A denturist, however, SEES the patient every step of the way. Even as he fits the dentures, he may often have to step into his lab and make small adjustments in order to achieve a perfect fit.
Reply:is he wanting the denture implants,or just regular dentures? my sister has dentures she has only the regular kind. but i did see how they did the dental implants. oh man it looks painful! the up side is theyll always be there, but im sure they can get infected also. with the regualr dentures you can take off you can be in control of when you wear them . you wont get an infection. my sister had all of her teeth removed then they waited 2 to 3 months for the gums to heal,before they made the dentures. some places like to remove your teeth and have you in dentures by the end of the day. her dentist told her that if she did that it would take longer for the gums to heal and she would have to make several trips to the dentist for adjustments to get the perfect fit. so she waited and the dentures were made , and its been oh about 6 yrs now and shes fine. if shes feeling sick, she could always take them out til she felt better.
Reply:I had all my teeth pulled out 8 years ago because I had a bone disease and after they pulled them DDS Asso. came up with a cure, but when they pulled my teeth they immediatlly put my dentures in and I had to keep them in for three days so that my gums would shrink to fit the dentures. It will be painful for about 1 week, after that I rinsed in salt water every 3 hours and used Benzodent to ease the gum pain until the gums shrunk to the dentures. If he is getting implants find out the reason to why he has to have his teeth pulled out anyway maybe there is a cure

because implants have their faults too. He'll be fine anyway. But remember to get the laughing gas because it will hurt.